Help support SRLP

SRLP is offering a great 2013 calender, I just got one and its beautiful.  You can order one here.

It’s SRLP’s first calendar, designed by artist Caroline Paquita featuring artwork of SRLP Prisoner Advisory Committee members

This calendar was designed using the artwork of SRLP’s Prison Advisory Committee (PAC) members andcollages by artist, Caroline Paquita.  As PAC members are housed in New York State detention facilities, artists use whatever limited materials are available to them.  Often we receive drawings, poetry and doodles on used envelopes, lined paper or on corners of manila folders. Even while existing in some of the most violent and isolating conditions, members of PAC (like so many oppressed communities) continue to find ways to survive, resist and break down the distance and physical barriers created to systematically divide our communities.  This calendar was designed to raise funds to support the ongoing work of SRLP and to extend the reach of PAC.  It was also created to expand our historical knowledge, honoring those like Sylvia Rivera who never stopped fighting for us.

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